For most drivers and businessmen, it’s much more convenient to use a Bluetooth device than a cellphone when working, quite user-friendly for calls making/receiving and music listening.
Here’s an article showing how to connect your Bluetooth earpieces with the smartphone, PC, and Mac, and it’s also available for wireless earbuds. (Suits for most Bluetooth earpieces and earbuds in the current market, if the following steps are not available for yours, then please follow its user manual.)

Table of Index in the following Content

  • How to connect Bluetooth Earpieces with smartphones?
  • Two Device Connection(the specific function that some earpieces may have )
  • How to Connect Bluetooth Earpieces to PC?
  • How to Connect Bluetooth Earpieces to Mac?
  • Common Solutions when can not connect Bluetooth Earpieces/Earbuds To Your Devices
  • Conclusion


Before trying to connect the Bluetooth earpiece to your smartphone, PC, or Mac, you have to make sure they are ready to be connected first.

1. Ensure Your Earpiece Have Enough Power

Sometimes, the Bluetooth earpieces are barely connected to other devices without enough battery. Besides, some Bluetooth can smartly turn itself off or switches off paring mode automatically when having low power.

If you can not charge your Bluetooth earpieces with a provided USB cable, try to use another cable and charger to charge it. (Do not use the earpieces when charging)

2. Ensure Your Device Connects With The Right Earpiece

Be sure you have connected the right earpiece rather than other Bluetooth devices from recent records on your phone, be sure to disconnect your earpiece from other devices, and then you can connect the earpiece with your smartphone, PC, or Mac without any troubles.

If your earpiece keeps dropping out when using, clean up all Bluetooth devices connections records on your phone and then reconnect the earpiece. If it still keeps dropping, reset your earpiece, and connect it again.

3. Ensure Strong Smart Phone Signal

Make sure your smartphone, PC, Mac computer has a strong signal to find the earpiece which is under discover from the list of Bluetooth devices when you turn on the Bluetooth function on your device.

Besides, be clear about the range of connectivity of your earpiece. This depends on which Bluetooth version of earpiece you are using. For Bluetooth 5.0, the range of connectivity is about 15 meters(49 feet), but typically may be limited to 40 feet or even shorter because the Bluetooth signals may be weakened or interfered by walls and other obstructions. In such a case, there no reasons to blame the earpiece on its range of connectivity or functions.

Follow up above preparations, now your earpiece is ready to be paired and worked. And the next step is to set your smartphone, PC, or Mac computer and connect with Bluetooth earpiece.

How To Connect Bluetooth Earpiece With Smartphone?

The following steps stated below are available for those smartphones which accept and can receive Bluetooth signals. Do not recommend that connect your Bluetooth earpiece with cordless phones and landline phones may be unstable or can not make phone calls, because most Bluetooth earpieces are designed for Bluetooth-enabled devices, mostly compatible with smartphones, iPad, notebooks, PC, laptops.

Step1 Turn on your Bluetooth earpiece;

Step2 Open Bluetooth function on your cellphone: “Settings” --- “Bluetooth” --- “On”

Step3 Search and find the mode of your earpiece from the list of “MY DEVICES” or “OTHER DEVICE”, and then connect it. Make sure your smartphone connect the right earpiece rather that other Bluetooth devices.

Two Devices Connection(the specific function that some earpiece may have)

For two devices connection, it depends that whether the earpiece/earbuds you bought have this function. New Bee B41 comes with such a convenient and special function.

StepTurn on the earpiece and open Bluetooth function on phone A, search the earpiece and connect it, then close the connection on phone A;

Step2 Connect Phone B with the earpiece as the same as step 1;

Step3 Keep Phone B connecting and then re-connect Phone A;

Make sure the two devices are successfully connected with the earpiece at the same time, and you make/receive phone calls from both. Auto-connection will be the default when you use it next time.

How to Connect Bluetooth Earpiece With PC?

In the following guide, we will tell you how to connect your earpiece with Windows 10 computers. For other versions of Windows, the steps will nearly the same as Windows 10.

Step1 Turn on your Bluetooth earpiece and then open “Settings”, click the left lower corner of your screen.


Choose “Devices” to open Bluetooth function;


Find Bluetooth icon, choose “Bluetooth & Other Devices” and turn on the Bluetooth function on your computer; then find your Bluetooth earpiece from the searching list and pair it with it. (If you can not find the Bluetooth setting on PC, then search “Bluetooth” on setting bar)

If you get a warning that needs a pin code or password to connect the earpiece/earbuds with PC, then check the product user manual comes with the item or email the seller or manufacturer to get the code. Usually, it is just four zeroes: 0000.

*Additional Setting

In order to find the Bluetooth setting more convenient in PC, you can try the following tricks:

Step1 Click “Optional features” in “Other devices” setting;

Step2 Tick √ in “Show the Bluetooth icon in the notification area”, and then click “OK” to close it.

Step3 After finishing the above two steps, you can find the Bluetooth icon in the notification bar on the bottom of your screen.

How to Connect Bluetooth Earpiece to Mac?

Here’s guidance for Mac users. Please note that not all social apps or cloud meeting apps, check and test it first to see whether the Bluetooth earpiece or earbuds are acceptable by these apps.

Step1 Click and choose “System Preferences” on your Mac, and do not forget to turn on your Bluetooth earpiece/earbuds first;

Step2 Find and click “Bluetooth” in the menu;


Turn on Bluetooth on your Mac, and find your Bluetooth earpiece/earbuds from the list of “Devices”. You can tick √ in “Show Bluetooth in the menu bar”, then you can easily open the Bluetooth function from clicking the Bluetooth icon in the menu bar, rather than finding it on “System Preferences”.

As the same, if it also needs a pin code or password to connect the earpiece/earbuds with your cellphone, it may four zeros:0000, if not, then check the product’s user manual comes with the item or email the seller or manufacturer to get a right code.

All the steps as we mentioned above, they are very easy to connect the earpiece/earbuds, just a few minutes setting. And auto-connection will be the default when you use the earpiece/earbuds next time within its range of connectivity around thirty feet, more or less for Bluetooth 5.0 version.

Useful SolutionWhen Can Not ConnecThe Bluetooth Earpiece/Earbuds With PC/MAC

For some reasons, you may not connect the earpiece/earbuds with your devices, make sure they are ready to be connected first. If it still does not work, then try the following ways:

However, the good news is that we have solutions for that as well. With these few tips and tricks, you should be able to overcome any technical problems you face. Nothing will stop you from enjoying your music on your Bluetooth earbuds.

Solution1 Reset the Bluetooth Earpiece/Wireless Earbuds

If there have some troubles to connect the earpiece/earbuds to your computer, you can check to see if it connects to other devices that opening the Bluetooth function and happened within the range of connectivity of your earpiece/earbuds. If you use the product to connect to your cellphone before, then it may connect to the cellphone rather than your computer. But if it still can not connect your computer even there are no other devices around, under such a case, you need to reset your earpiece/earbuds. But please note that it varies from models to models, you need to check the user manual of the model you bought. Once you have finished the resetting, try it again to connect to your PC/Mac.

Solution2 Clean Up Bluetooth Devices Connecting Records

In some cases, your computer may connect with more than two Bluetooth devices automatically which it saved before at the same time. Moreover, sometimes, even after connecting to the computer, there might be no audio or other sound problems when you use the earpiece/earbuds. If these problems, try to clean up all Bluetooth devices connecting records on your computer: find your device in the list of previously paired devices;  right-click on it and choose the option of forgetting.

If all these steps do not work for you, please check the user manual of your product to see whether it accept the PC/Mac connection.


All the steps mentioned above are common connection ways for most Bluetooth earpiece and wireless earbuds, please check and follow the product instruction if that does not work for you. And if you have other opinions or suggestions in Bluetooth connection, please feel free to comment below.

After making all settings, now you can enjoy the hands-free calling and listen to music with LC-B41 or your beloved earpiece/earbuds.