• Accepts Windows, macOS and Linux on PC, laptop, PS4, makes your sound be more outstanding and clear.


  • The cardioid microphone picks up voice accurately and reduces surrounded background noise;
  • Provides excellent sound quality for home studio, OBS, TeamSpeak or podcast, recording, especially for beginners.


  • USB plug and play, real-time playback, no extra driver or sound card required, save your time on settings.

Freely Adjustment

  • Rotate the bracket ring to make 360°adjustment;
  • while twist the knob can make 180°up or down on the mic.

Easy Volume Control

  • Enables quick volume control conveniently over the computer control panel or your recording software.

Unique Sturdy Tripod

  • With a sturdy metal tripod stand and unique silicone foot pads, resist any accident shocks.

    Deliver Your Voive Clearly

  1. Utilizes a cardioid pickup microphone to reduce background noises further away from the mic for clearer stream/recording audio.
  2. Doing your audio project in a room with relatively quiet surroundings will be more recommended for good performance.

Warm Tips

Speak a bit closer to the mic capsule at around 15-20 cm(6-8") can get better vocal performance.

USB PNP Microphone

  • USB compatibility: Windows/macOS PC, laptop, PS4 with USB port.
  • Ideal for recording, distance learning, meeting;
  • The extra magnetic ring reduces static current sound.